Photo By: James McClung



Dusty Ferguson is drawn to film photography due to the depth of the process, which takes much thought, patience, and deliberate choices, to achieve the final image; including developing the negatives at home. He understands that a photograph is only an idea that one hopes to capture. It's not until the developing process is finished that the idea can become visible. There the element of surprise is at it's greatest. Sometimes gratitude and disappointment are only frames apart. Dusty finds himself drawn to the spirit of Americana and capturing things which may be overlooked or left in seclusion. Above all, he enjoys when friends can join in the process and adventures are shared. Dusty currently resides in Redlands, CA with his wife Jo and dog Charlie.

Gear: 35mm Nikon FE, 35mm Minolta x700, Polaroid Spectra, Polaroid Sun

Instagram: @dustyferguson